Imagine this: you wake up and you’re in Brazil Florianopolis. What do you see? What you won’t see is women walking around with shaved heads.

Brazilian hair is a marketing ploy. Typically, women in South America don’t shave their heads. However there is a place where women will, this place is Asia.

Many women love pure Virgin Remy premium raw unprocessed human hair for making hair weaves. However that good Brazilian is many things and that hair you bought with Brazilian packaging may not come from Brazil. So where does it come from? Peru? Mongolia? Honduras?

It’s a complicated answer with many variations.

brazilian hair

Now I know you’ve spent countless hours inside of the beauty supply stores reading labels carefully only to end up with the same bad quality hair. For black women, this is a problem that we shall solve. Giving your money away is not the wave in 2019.

Virgin Brazilian human hair is the most recognized among all types of hair bundle types. If you walk into a beauty supply store you will see Brazilian plastered across many different brands.

However, “Brazilian hair” comes from Asian countries. If a company tells you anything else, they are untrustworthy. Brazilian hair is collected from donors in South East Asian countries.

It is then processed and packaged as Brazilian hair.

Yes, Brazilian hair is soft and luxurious. However, I repeat it does not come from Brazil. All right ladies, the tea is spilt. Now that we are on the same page let’s begin.

  • Brazilian hair marketing.
  • Brazilian hair is not a type of hair.
  • Brazilian hair does not come from Brazil.
  • Brazilian hair is not the best hair on the market.
  • Brazilian hair is a marketing concept.
  • Brazilian hair is the most popular name on the market.
  • Brazil does not export hair in large amounts to North America.

There you have it.

What is Brazilian Human Hair Weave?

Brazilian hair is collected from donors in the South East Asian region. Most donors live in rural villages away from major cities. Hair collectors travel throughout these villages buying hair from the women. They then sell it to hair factories.

Brazilian Hair

Virgin Brazilian hair comes in wavy, straight and curly. It can be styled in various ways. Most Brazilian hair can last for one year or more. If the Brazilian hair is Remy it can last even longer. Most of the hair should be able to hold a curl and style. (Please see Virgin vs Remy article)

Details and properties of Brazilian hair:

  • Hair material: 100% human hair, processed
  • Hair Quality: minimal shedding and tangling if Remy
  • Hair weight and Length: 100 grams per bundle standard
  • Hair color: 1b Natural black can be dyed and bleached if Remy
  • Hair weft; Double weft
  • Hair Length: 8-24 inches
  • Hair life: Remy (one year or more)/ Non Remy 1 month

All right ladies take care. If you have any questions, jump in the comments.

Until next time.

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