So, Inquiring minds want to know, should you wash your hair extensions before install?

The real question should be why wouldn’t you wash your hair extensions?

Okay so now that you know the answer, do you know how to wash those hair extensions properly before your install?

It is important to wash your hair extensions before you get a sew-in or wig; please remember that.

The hair that you just bought came a long way and it’s better to be safe than sorry. This is your health and at Hair Hangouts we want you to be healthy.

You want clean hair extensions sewed onto your scalp right? One method that is popular with ladies is called co-washing Now, What does “co-washing” mean and how is it achieved?

In this article, I am going to show you how to co-wash your hair extension before you install them.


Co-wash is simply “conditioning-washing”. It is the act of washing your hair with a cleansing conditioner instead of using shampoo.

Shampoos can often be harsh on hair cuticles, especially if used often. However, you must wash your extensions with shampoo before your first install and maybe after jumping in the pool.

Nevertheless, to avoid excessive shampooing, the co-wash was invented.

How to Co-Wash Hair Extensions

Alright, first things first, you may not be comfortable co-washing the first time, but over time you’ll get it.

If you feel like you can’t do it alone, you can visit a hair salon and ask a professional hairstylist to help you. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Hair extensions cost coins and we are not into wasting money.

But, if you are into DIY, you can follow these steps:

  • Apply water to your hair extensions by submerging them in a sink or bowl filled with water. Grab your cleansing conditioner and apply it from the weft to the loose strands. Be generous with the conditioner, this is why it is called “co-wash.”
  • Grab your comb and run it through your hair – a wide-toothed comb will suffice. Allow the conditioner to penetrate the hair strands for a few minutes. No rush.
  • After about ten to fifteen minutes, rinse out the conditioner with cold water. Avoid using hot water, it strips the hair. Cold water will seal the hair.
  • Place the hair on a dry towel or thick T-shirt to remove the water. Next, find a hanger to let your extensions air dry. To save time you can blow-dry the weft with light heat. Afterward, let the extensions air dry. Remember moisture is not your friend. The hair may be dry but the weft may not be. Double-check the wefts for moisture, please. If you’re into oil put a few drops of Argan Oil in your hand and gently rub into the hair.

Hair Tip: Make sure you get the best cleansing conditioner. Try to find one that is sulfate free. You can check out our article on the best sulfate-free shampoos that are suitable for washing hair extensions

Remember to take the time to wash your extensions before the first install. That’s healthy living.

Afterward only wash If there is major build-up on the hair. If no major build-up is on the hair then a co-wash is okay.

Follow the instructions and you should be just fine and on your way to a gorgeous mane.

So, what do you think?

Are you going to try this method? Jump in the comments!

Wait; one last thing.

All towels are not created equal. Check out our favorite towel. Thank me later.

Hair Hangouts gives you the facts.

Smile 🙂

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