Everything to Know About AliExpress Hair (Part 1)

Virgin hair is one of the many things sold on AliExpress. The popularity of AliExpress over the past five years has increased exponentially. Most girls purchase from AliExpress without giving it a second thought. The main attraction of AliExpress for most is the cheap prices of virgin hair and the wide variety of types of hair. If you’re looking for Brazilian hair AliExpress has it. In fact, AliExpress has everything. From Malaysian to Peruvian AliExpress has it for sale. With that being said, you’re probably thinking it has to be a catch right? Yes, you are absolutely correct. Everything that [...]

Mayvenn Hair: Being an Affiliate vs Starting Your Own Brand

So you want to jump into the hair industry. Mayvenn Hair Company started by Diishan Imira may be the company for you. In the next few minutes, we are going to look at the strengths and weaknesses of becoming an affiliate with Mayvenn. Trust me this article will be good. Here at Hair Hangouts we are giving you the facts no cap. The rest is up to you... It’s actually simple, you have two options, start your own brand or become an affiliate. Now back to Mayvenn. Who are they and what makes them so special? TABLE OF CONTENTS 01 [...]

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