What is Remy Hair?

Remy hair meanings are varied, I am here to take you one a step closer to the true meaning. Here’s all the info you need to know in 100 or 500 words. Both articles can be read separately or together. Remy in 100 words Remy is a word that most girls recognize; yet few understand. Most often, Remy is associated with quality. Until recently this was the case. However, most companies selling hair have taken the term and transformed it into a marketing and promotional tool. The word Remy is supposed to be about quality but most people can’t understand [...]

What is a Lace Closure?

So, what is a Lace Closure? It’s a question many girls all over the world want to know. When you know everything about bundles and can’t explain what a Closure is, the inevitable “side eye” will appear. “It could all be so simple”. Thus the answer is on the way. So allow me to address the elephant in the sand. TABLE OF CONTENTS 01 What is a Closure? 02 What is a Free Part Closure? 03 What is the point of having a Closure? 04 How do Free Part Lace Closures differ from Three Part Lace Closures? [...]

Lace Frontal vs. Lace Closure: Which One is Better?

What’s the one thing all girls need to be flawless? A Lace Closure and Lace Frontal. Okay, two things. They also need a flawless install, from a competent stylist who can have them slayed like Beyonce. Now if it were only that simple. One day you have the perfect install and you feel slayed. The next day that same install isn’t looking so hot. Life can come at you fast. I know, I feel your pain. Every girl has experienced the struggle of having to wear hats and scarves. Dry your eyes queen. I’m here to help. If you’re tired [...]

What is Virgin Hair?

The word Virgin Hair is a word of high value to many people, but how exactly is virgin hair classified? Is Virgin Hair really Virgin? For ages there has been a confusion about Virgin Hair. The confusion stops here. In every salon and forum across America people use the word Virgin. But, do they really know Virgin Hair. The short answer is no, they don’t. The real question should be, where is all of the confusion coming from? Simply stated hair companies benefit from the lack of knowledge. Hopefully you’ve made it this far in the article, now for the [...]

What is Brazilian Hair?

Imagine this: you wake up and you’re in Brazil Florianopolis. What do you see? What you won't see is women walking around with shaved heads. Brazilian hair is a marketing ploy. Typically, women in South America don’t shave their heads. However there is a place where women will, this place is Asia. Many women love pure Virgin Remy premium raw unprocessed human hair for making hair weaves. However that good Brazilian is many things and that hair you bought with Brazilian packaging may not come from Brazil. So where does it come from? Peru? Mongolia? Honduras? It’s a complicated answer [...]

Virgin Hair vs Remy Hair: What’s the Difference?

What is Virgin hair? Is it Remy hair? In this article you’ll learn the answers to the Virgin hair vs Remy hair question. Some things are hard to define. One of these things is hair. Virgin hair. Of course, everyone has answers, but do they really. After reading this article, you’ll get the full picture with no filter. TABLE OF CONTENTS 01 What is Virgin Hair? 02 What is Remy Hair? 03 What are the Differences Between Virgin Hair and Remy Hair? 04 How to tell the difference between Virgin Hair and Remy Hair? 05 Is [...]

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