What is a Lace Closure?

So, what is a Lace Closure? It’s a question many girls all over the world want to know. When you know everything about bundles and can’t explain what a Closure is, the inevitable “side eye” will appear. “It could all be so simple”. Thus the answer is on the way. So allow me to address the elephant in the sand. TABLE OF CONTENTS 01 What is a Closure? 02 What is a Free Part Closure? 03 What is the point of having a Closure? 04 How do Free Part Lace Closures differ from Three Part Lace Closures? [...]

Lace Frontal vs. Lace Closure: Which One is Better?

What’s the one thing all girls need to be flawless? A Lace Closure and Lace Frontal. Okay, two things. They also need a flawless install, from a competent stylist who can have them slayed like Beyonce. Now if it were only that simple. One day you have the perfect install and you feel slayed. The next day that same install isn’t looking so hot. Life can come at you fast. I know, I feel your pain. Every girl has experienced the struggle of having to wear hats and scarves. Dry your eyes queen. I’m here to help. If you’re tired [...]

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