Best AliExpress Hair Vendors

So the other day while scrolling through AliExpress, I noticed a trend. Every hair vendor claims to be the best AliExpress hair vendor. So either everybody is telling the truth or someone is lying. Now, with so many hair vendors claiming to be the best, how does a girl really know who’s who. Believe me AliExpress can be a roller coaster ride, I know the feeling of being disappointed, just when you thought you found that perfect hair vendor. I know the feeling of reading the reviews, looking through the pictures and watching all the videos, lol maybe not all. [...]

Best Cleansing Conditioners

It’s like the Best of Both Worlds right! What if you could skip out on shampooing your hair and just use a conditioner? Sounds fun? Well, look no further. Cleansing conditioners are in style and here to stay. They contain mild cleansing agents and are essentially rinse-off conditioners according to Perry Romanowski, a cosmetic chemist in Chicago. Regular shampoos can contain harsh detergents and chemicals such as sulfates that you don’t want near you. However, cleansing conditioners get the job done in the same way. They are made to replace the shampoo and conditioner process while cleansing mildly. They also [...]

Best Sulfate-Free Shampoos

So, you’ve been thinking about making the switch from sulfate shampoos to sulfate-free shampoo alternatives? Have you been watching all the blog talk? Me too. I’m here to settle the issue and guide you in the right direction. But first, we have to define the problem. Follow my lead. In the beginning, there was only soap, you know the normal soap made from Lye. The kind that your great-grandmother made on the back porch. Everybody used it and it was a good thing. Then in the 1930’s somebody, don’t ask me who came up with the idea of revolutionizing health [...]

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