So the other day while scrolling through AliExpress, I noticed a trend. Every hair vendor claims to be the best AliExpress hair vendor. So either everybody is telling the truth or someone is lying.

Now, with so many hair vendors claiming to be the best, how does a girl really know who’s who. Believe me AliExpress can be a roller coaster ride, I know the feeling of being disappointed, just when you thought you found that perfect hair vendor. I know the feeling of reading the reviews, looking through the pictures and watching all the videos, lol maybe not all. It’s nothing like feeling like you found the one and finding out you were wrong. It’s a priceless experience.

Best AliExpress Hair Vendors

So let’s get to it. Who’s telling the truth?

Because we all want great hair, the time is now to get the bottom of AliExpress hair.

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Best AliExpress Hair Vendors

Now, we know why you’re here; you’re tired of reading reviews on AliExpress. You want to buy hair now!

AliExpress is overwhelming with all of the options. So, whether you want a wig, bundles, or lace closure we got you covered forever.

Below, we will give you the best of the best AliExpress hair vendors.

You ready?

Keep scrolling…

Best AliExpress Hair Vendors

Top 5 AliExpress Hair Vendors

Now that you have the Top 5, it’s time for you to do your research let us know what you find.
But before you jump into Ali, check out the rules to live by when it comes to AliExpress hair vendors.

Below are some quick rules, enjoy:

  • Never send money via Western Union. (Now, you’re probably asking why. The short answer is that you want to have a paper trail.)
  • Check the ratings, you’re looking for 95% or better. (Please be aware that someone may be paid to say things in your preferred AliExpress hair vendors’ comments.)
  • Know that there is a time difference. (Please understand, if you haven’t already, that there is a time difference between you and most AliExpress hair vendors. Most if not all AliExpress hair vendors are located in China.)
  • Know that pictures are for promotion (More often than not the bundles you receive in the mail from an AliExpress hair vendor will not be the same bundles in the pictures on their websites.)

For a more comprehensive breakdown of the dos and don’ts of AliExpress, check out our guide on everything to know about AliExpress hair.

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