So you want to buy a hair vendor List. You’ve probably been scrolling through IG. I know; it seems so easy.

Buy the list and now we are selling top quality hair just like that. Not so fast my friend.

Anything that comes to easy should feel like a setup. You must move with caution and purpose.

Over the course of this article, we will get you up to speed with the facts you must know to win. Finding the right vendor list can be easy, it just depends on the route taken.

Let’s go.


01 Tips to live by before using a hair vendor
02 Due diligence; Do it yourself
03 What is a hair vendor list?
04 Cost of a vendor list
05 Can you find the best vendors on a vendor list?

01 Tips to live by before using a hair vendor

Tip 1: Never send money via Western Union or Money Gram.

Now, you’re probably asking why. The short answer is that you want to have a paper trail.

Once you give the MTCN # over to a supplier your money is as good as gone. Western Union is not liable in the case that you get scammed. Remember that.

You may not even receive your package from China. Believe me, it has happened.

It’s not that you shouldn’t trust vendors, it’s just that Western Union benefits the seller more than the buyer.

The seller receives money immediately which in most cases is not a good thing.

Tip 2: Storytime… Lessons in the business…

A few years back a friend of Hair Hangouts spent about 7k U.S. Dollars on samples of hair.

The short version of the story is as followed.

She found a vendor on Alibaba and started communicating. Everything felt good about the companies and the first samples were ordered. Everybody was happy.

So now you’re thinking everything is everything right? Wrong!

The 3rd order was a huge order. A lot of bundles came across the water from China. And guess what? The boxes were full of bad bundles. So bad that you wouldn’t even want to wear them.

A lot of feelings can go through your mind when you’re opening up bundle after bundle of junk, literally junk.

What’s the solution you ask?

There is no solution. Take the loss and learn from it or be mad forever.

In short, the lesson learned is feelings.

You never want to choose a company based on feelings.

If you want to learn more about the details of story jump in the comments!

Remember that a vendor list is only the beginning. That’s the true moral of the story. Alibaba is full of vendors more than willing to take your money.

The Internet is a tricky place, just because someone seems nice does not mean they have your best interest at heart. Get a real address and pull up on them before spending thousands of dollars.

02 Due Diligence; Do it your self

Doing your own research is priceless; however, learning from other researchers is priceless. One question can save you hundreds of hours remember that also.

Asking around the internet is the most invaluable resource and it’s free.

Buying sample bundles instead of a list is also smart. Companies that have a good reputation will likely have bundle packages.

Take the money you would spend on a list and choose 3 companies you like and ask them about a sample package.

If you are looking for a hair company in the USA that’s hot right now, check Private label extensions

If you would rather go the overseas route then AliExpress and Alibaba is where you should begin. Just set up an account and look around.

So, there you have it a little due diligence for you.

Thank me later.

03 What is a hair vendor list?

A hair vendor list is essentially a group of companies that anyone can put together. The keyword is anyone. You must know, anybody can sell you a list.

Nevertheless, vendor lists are trendy now. You must be careful. Vendor lists are not the end; they are the beginning.

The hair business is lucrative and everyone wants his or her piece of the pie.

Most hair vendor lists have at least 7- 10 companies that will supply you with hair at a wholesale price.

Remember, no two lists are the same.

Keep reading, the cost of lists are coming in the next section.

Hair Vendor List

04 The cost of a hair vendor list

Prices of hair vendor lists vary.

Some lists can cost upwards of 1,000.00 dollars.

While others can be as cheap as 25.00 dollars.

Some vendors only deal with Brazilian vendors while some only deal with Indian hair.

The best way to success is to never judge a book by it’s cover, judge the author.

Ask a lot of questions before letting go of your hard-earned coins.

Remember, anyone can create a list.

You really should be asking yourself how long has this person or company has been in business.

05 Can you find the best hair vendors on a list?

The short answer is yes.

However, you must remember the word best is relative to the person’s experience. If all you know is McDonald’s then it must be the best right?

The best way to find the best of the best is to first figure out your views on what are the best types of hair. Is it Malaysian hair, Indian hair, Brazilian hair or Vietnamese hair. Find someone who has another opinion and compares notes. Some swear by Mayvenn, while others prefer Private label extensions.

Remember lists are just one person’s opinion. But if they are willing to show you real proof of the quality then you may be on the right track.

Until Next time, see you soon.


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