Virgin hair is one of the many things sold on AliExpress.

The popularity of AliExpress over the past five years has increased exponentially.

Most girls purchase from AliExpress without giving it a second thought.

The main attraction of AliExpress for most is the cheap prices of virgin hair and the wide variety of types of hair.

If you’re looking for Brazilian hair AliExpress has it. In fact, AliExpress has everything.

From Malaysian to Peruvian AliExpress has it for sale.

With that being said, you’re probably thinking it has to be a catch right?

Yes, you are absolutely correct.

Everything that shines ain’t gold and everybody talking is not telling the truth.

Please remember that.

So relax, I’m going to give you a quick all you need to know intro into AliExpress hair vendors.

You ready?

First and foremost, if you’re in a hurry click through the table of contents and you’ll land right on the exact portion of the article you need to.


01 Know that pictures are for promotion
02 Make sure you understand the differences between Indian, Brazilian and Malaysian
03 Time differences
04 Research
05 Fake comments or paid comments
06 Ask questions

01 Know that pictures are for promotion

More often than not the bundles you receive in the mail from an AliExpress vendor will not be the same bundles in the pictures on their websites. Pictures are for promotional use only, please remember that.

If you look around enough you will notice that many of the vendors use the same exact pictures.

AliExpress Hair

02 Make sure you understand the differences between Indian, Brazilian and Malaysian

I want you to understand that those words are used for marketing purposes. Did you notice how every vendor you visit on the website all has the same categories?

Do you think this is by chance or choice? The short is the answer is choice. Remember AliExpress vendors have one job and that is to sell hair.

Therefore they make a conscious choice to show and tell you everything you think you want to hear. Their job is to solely sell to you, not educate you.

AliExpress Hair Bundles

03 Time differences

Please understand, if you haven’t already that there is a time difference between you and most AliExpress hair vendors. Most if not all AliExpress hair vendors are located in China.

Therefore, you must know that if you leave a message there is probably at least a 12 hour time difference between you and them if you are located in North America. You’re probably thinking 12 hours; what is that?

12 hours is the difference between 12 midnight and 12 noon. Got it?

What that means is if you message a vendor at 12 noon east coast time they are more than likely fast asleep.

04 Research

Before you give your hard-earned coins away to an AliExpress hair vendor, please type the companies name into YouTube. You’ll learn a lot in a little bit of time. Doing that will save you some heartache.

I would recommend watching as many reviews as possible on YouTube. Once you’ve reached your limit of videos, reach out to real people directly and ask them questions about the company that you prefer.

I would consider recommendations very high on my to-do list. In fact, I would favor recommendations over price in terms of choosing companies. Prices can go up and down but recommendations are worth more than money. You already knew this, but I had to say it.

If you are not a fan of YouTube, you can use IG or Facebook in the same way.

The bottom line is, “look before you leap”. One simple introduction can save you so much pain.

AliExpress Hair

05 Fake comments of paid comments

If you didn’t know by now companies will pay for good reviews and comments on AliExpress. Please be aware that someone may be paid to say things in your preferred AliExpress hair vendors’ comments.

Most often than not you maybe even asked to leave a good review and in turn, the vendor will give you a 5 or 10 percent discount on your next purchase.

What this simply means is that you should believe half of what you read.

06 Ask questions

Ladies, please don’t be afraid to ask your vendor questions.

This is imperative.

Again ask questions, please.

And If you don’t like the answers cancel them quick.

The right questions can take you a long way.

Now, you’re probably thinking what do I ask?

I thought you would never ask.

Ok, for starters ask them where are they located?

The second question depending on how they answer the first should be and I quote “what is your address”.

Ladies, you got all of that?

These simple questions will help you out on the back end in case you have to return your items or if you have to pull upon them.

You never know!

Alright, so you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed right?

I hope not.

If so jump in the comments and leave us some of your questions or comments.

Until next time.

And remember at Hair Hangouts we give you the facts, you be the judge.

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