So, what is a Lace Closure?

It’s a question many girls all over the world want to know.

When you know everything about bundles and can’t explain what a Closure is, the inevitable “side eye” will appear.

“It could all be so simple”.

Thus the answer is on the way. So allow me to address the elephant in the sand.


01 What is a Closure?
02 What is a Free Part Closure?
03 What is the point of having a Closure?
04 How do Free Part Lace Closures differ from Three Part Lace Closures?
05 How can I choose the best Closure for me?

01 What is a Lace Closure?

Hair tip: Lace Closure – a hairpiece normally 4×4 in size but can vary in dimension and style

That’s the most simplified version to what a closure can be that I can think of.

But, to the average woman, the definition doesn’t just stop there…

A Lace Closure is a crown, something that finishes off an install and gives the glory to the slay.

That’s right, closures conceal your crown while enhancing your slay.

When you think of closure, think about the finishing touch to hair bundles.

Over the years, Closures have evolved to all shapes sizes and tints…

Today closures are an essential piece for hundreds of thousands of girls across the world.

The article you’re reading right now is one of two articles Lace Closures vs Lace Frontals that will give you the 411 on closures.

College students, grown women, full time moms-the women who need Lace Closures are limitless.

In short Lace Closures make the world go around, from Beyonce to Solange to MJ and Janet. Sorry, I know I’m moving fast.

You’re probably still wondering…

02 What is a Free Part Lace Closure?

Remember how I said, “closures conceal your crown”? That’s there primary responsibility. The secondary responsibility is to give the impression of hair growing from the scalp.

Once stylists sets your Lace Closure and sew’s it, the fun begins.

Free part Lace closures can be parted anywhere. The hair should look just like your scalp.

Lace Closure

Did you get all of the basics? I hope so.

Let’s move forward.

I wrote this article to explain Lace Closures to you.

Nevertheless, another key point that I will repeat is free part Closures can be parted anywhere. Another strong point for Free Part Closures is that they don’t need a part.

At the end of the day, the most important facet of a closure is for it to give the appearance of a natural hairline. Most stylists should have no trouble executing the below look.

Lace Closure

This gives you the consumer the most satisfying feeling knowing your scalp and hairline looks natural and flawless.

Technically, a Closure is a 4×4 piece of material, but a free part closure can be parted in any direction.

A Free Part Closure can:

  • Be parted anywhere
  • Give the appearance of a natural hairline and scalp
  • The most versatile of all Closures


The distinguishing factor between Free Part Lace Closures and others is the freedom to part anywhere. The reason Free Part Closures get the name is because the freedom of parting anywhere.

Another example is most often than not they are pre plucked and ready to wear in case you don’t feel like doing any parting. You can literally get up and go without a part.

No Part Closure

You’ve probably seen Closures that are free part and didn’t realize it.

These are all examples of free Part Lace Closures that have the ability to be parted anyway you want.

Free Part Closures

They’re essential function is freedom of choice while giving the appearance of a natural hairline and scalp.

All Closures are not created equal. Just because someone has a Closure does not mean that it looks natural.

PIC_ BAD_Closure

Most stylists can do Closures correctly, however you should know the horror stories before they happen to you.


I stated previously that the Free Part Closure is the most versatile of all Closures. Take a look at the three types of Closures below:

Lace Closures

As you can see the Free Part Lace Closure is not pre parted. And looking at the other two Closures, both are parted according to their names, middle and three parts.

See the differences? You’re learning so much.

Now, class isn’t over yet…

03 What is the point of having a Closure?

The reason for having a Closure is to finish off a bundle install.

Some people use Free Part Closures, some use Three Part Closures, while others prefer Middle Part Closures.

People use Closures for a variety of reasons however the most common reasons are because:


There’s a reason why Closures are popular. They allow full protection for natural hair. Stylists can sew, glue or tape them in place.


Some girls’ leave out a portion of their hair during the install process, this is called blending. Closures eliminate this step while protecting your whole head from the natural elements of life. There is no need for extra straightening or curling, which adds unnecessary heat.


More often than not women want different styles. This is a key factor in Closures. The ability to change your part any way you like is priceless. And just think you don’t have to worry about your natural hair.

There are tons of other reasons for Closures. My personal reason for using Closures is because I’m so indecisive. One day I want a middle part and the next day I want to let my hair flow back with no part at all. Closures are God send really, no need for unnecessary curling or straightening my own hair.

So now, after all this info, you’re wondering…

04 How do Free Part Lace Closures differ from Three Part Lace Closures?

There are many differences between the Free Part and the Three Part Closure. Some are common sense explanations, while others are learned through experience.

These are just a few of the ways you will be able to make your decision:

Three Part Lace Closure:

  • Easier to keep up with parts
  • Easier to switch your parts from side to side
  • May look unnatural

Free Part Lace Closure:

  • Freestyle parting
  • Offers style versatility
  • Look natural, no hard parts

Now, you get to decide which slay is right for you.

If you love the freedom of choice and want to be sporadic, than the Free Part Lace Closure is a great fit for you. However, if you prefer more of a guided sort of style, that can get you up and out of the door the Three Part Closure may be best for you.

So, you’re probably thinking…

05 How do I choose the best Closure for me?

Now, that’s a very good question!

Guess what, you’re in luck I’ve included a (Guideline List) of,

How to choose the best Closure for you.

Let us know in the comments how your closure journey is coming along.

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