The word Virgin Hair is a word of high value to many people, but how exactly is virgin hair classified?

Is Virgin Hair really Virgin?

For ages there has been a confusion about Virgin Hair. The confusion stops here. In every salon and forum across America people use the word Virgin.

But, do they really know Virgin Hair. The short answer is no, they don’t.

The real question should be, where is all of the confusion coming from?

Simply stated hair companies benefit from the lack of knowledge.

Hopefully you’ve made it this far in the article, now for the real tea. Virgin Simply stated is something that has not been touched. Let’s think about South Beach together; Now, Imagine south Beach in 1619. That’s pretty Virgin to me.

Now read below carefully,

Virgin Hair is hair that has:

  • Cuticles intact
  • Never been processed
  • Never been treated
  • Remy (flows in one direction)

Ok, so you have the answers, sit tight. You’re about to learn something new.

Listen, this is the reality, 90% of the hair you see is Virgin Branded hair. It’s not Virgin Hair.

The word Virgin excites most girls therefore hair companies use it everywhere and for every advertisement.

See picture below of pure Virgin Hair.

Virgin Hair

Now look again, and notice the slight color variations of the bundle.

Now the next time you buy a Virgin pack of hair, look for a color variation within the bundles. If there is none, then guess what you don’t have? Virgin Hair.

If there isn’t a color variation within the hair then you have Virgin Branded Hair.

You okay?

Relax this is one of many methods to help in your full understanding in Virgin Hair.

Merry Christmas Ladies!

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