Hair extensions are heaven sent. From the bad hair days to the better days hair extensions are dependable if given the proper TLC.

Some girls have even stated that their bundles have lasted up to a year. Fingers crossed!

The right hair extensions can be a good investment. The general rule is that you get what you pay for.

Therefore, hair extensions should be considered as important as your natural hair because they are attached to your hair and scalp; thus they should be handled with care.

We all want flawless natural hair and flawless hair extensions right?

Alright then ladies, I am going to give you a quick guide on how to wash your hair extensions properly!

Also, It’s better to be safe than sorry. I would recommend that you always wash your bundles before an installation.

Always ladies. It doesn’t matter what company that you buy your hair extensions from, always wash them first.

If you’re in a hurry you can click through the table of contents below.


Step 1: Brush
Step 2: Shampoo
Step 3: Condition
Step 4: Rinse
Step 5: Air Dry
Step 6: Comb

1. Brush

Before any water touches your hair extensions, remember you must brush the extensions out. You can use a detangler brush or a wide tooth comb.

How to wash hair extensions

By now you have heard of the term “detangle”?

It is a common term in the hair community. Detangling is the first step in keeping your hair extensions silky, smooth and Soigne.

Now, what you are going to need is a wide-tooth comb to properly detangle each strand. Now, section your hair into parts.

2. Shampoo

Ladies please rinse out your sink. After completion close off your drain and fill it with lukewarm water (not too hot or cold).

Squeeze shampoo into your water (not too much) and then section your hair into parts.

Mix the shampoo well with the water.

Hold the weft and submerge the extension into the water and run your comb through the strands gently. When hair is wet, it is easily tangled.

You avoid this by running a comb through it gently. This will also help in releasing the product buildup. Now wash each section the same way.

Remember, be gentle and do not rub extensions the way you would wash your natural hair.

After washing thoroughly, pull the sections out of the water and unplug the drain.

Your next step is to rinse the shampoo off completely with lukewarm water not hot water.

Remember, you make sure the shampoo is completely out of the hair by placing each section underneath running water while allowing the water to reach all parts of the hair from top (weft) to bottom (ends).

Hair Tip: Choose alcohol-free and sulfate-free shampoo to wash hair extensions.

3. Condition

Now to conditioning, remember conditioning is a step you can not skip.

Imagine not putting lotion on your legs. I know that’s a no no right. So is not conditioning your hair extensions.

All of the hair should be washed with a conditioner of your choice.

This is done by spreading the conditioner treatment from the roots to the tip of the hair extensions while massaging gently into the hair.

Apply as generously as you like, and let the conditioner set in before rinsing it off with water.

The general rule for length of time is the longer the conditioner sets in the hair the better.

Hair Tip: You can deep condition your extensions overnight in a zip lock bag.

4. Rinse

The following day rinse out the hair extensions under running water until there is no conditioner visible.

You must cleanse the hair of all conditioners.

Again there should be no product left on the hair.

5. Air Dry

You can air dry your hair extensions by squeezing out the excess water.

Now, place the clean hair extensions on a dry towel and remove any tangles. Pat the hair with another dry towel.

Remember never rub your hair extensions to remove the excess moisture.

Air drying is the best method for extensions.

You can opt to blow dry extensions. Just make sure you use heat protectant spray before attempting the drying process.

First, set your dryer on a cool setting and focus on drying the hair from the roots to the tips; always blow dry in the same direction as the hair is flowing.

This will help the detangling process. Stop drying once there is no sign of excess moisture.While the hair is laying on the towel and is dry, apply a small amount of oil to the hair.

6. Comb

Comb each section when dry with a with a wide tooth comb or detangler brush.

How to wash hair extensions

Well, that’s it!

Remember, to pay attention to your hair extensions. Take them down once there is a lot of product build-up and wash them again.

Also, If you can’t wash your extensions at the minimum please condition them (co-wash).

There you have it ladies. Until next time.

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And last but not least:

Hair Tip: NEVER over wash your extensions. Wash them about once a month.

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